The Secret To Jennifer Lopez's Appeal

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It's no secret really, is it?

Let's take inventory. She's beautiful. She's buff. She can act. She can sing. She can dance. Oh, and she manages to raise two children, run her own fashion and entertainment empire and still find time to headline in Vegas.

So what's not to love?

Or at least admire. Jennifer Lopez is the epitome of empowerment. I'm talking certified Girl power here. Men love her for, well, for obvious reasons. She's the quintessential girl-next-door on Monday and a wanton sex goddess by Friday. Women admire her for her strength, humor and class. Even the diva within her (face it, every girl needs one) is tempered with kindness.

You can't fake that stuff.

The real secret, though, is in her authenticity. She is real. You can't fake that either. It's that genuine quality that endears us to her, even though we want to pull her hair.

Well not really, we're just a bit envious maybe? She does have the Midas touch when it comes to many of her projects. We even forgive the ones that flop. The film Gigli was a cinematic disaster, but it resulted in a love connection between her and co-star Ben Affleck so all was right with the world and "Bennifer" was born.

We saw her through that romance and a few more since, including her marriage to Marc Anthony with whom she had two children. Now, she's captured the heart of ex MLB'er Alex Rodriguez, who clearly feels the love too; enough to put a ring on it worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $1 to $5 million.

Who says love don't cost a thing?

When we look at today's celebs, however, we can count on one hand those who've achieved the mega-star status of JLo. In the end, it's the culmination of talent, smarts, beauty and boldness that make us marvel. And perhaps we see a hint of ourselves in there as well.

Or someone we aspire to be. Even if we don't look quite like that in a pink bikini.

That's my two sense.

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