Spring into Easter Fashion

Fashion forward folks take no exception when it comes to dressing for Easter. It's an occasion to celebrate not only a blessed holiday, but Springtime's promise of renewal. With that comes a desire to express ourselves with this season's fabulous fashions.

Here are some of my pics for the best (and some unusual) looks for Easter. While not all may be church-appropriate, they will make a statement at the Easter Parade or picnic.

This should pretty much cover the make-up portion of our program. She gets an 'A' for effort here and will certainly garnish a few looks from the back row. How did they get those to stick?

Word of advice: Don't try this at home, kids.

And then there's the dress. The perfect Easter dress is whatever you make it. Whether it's soft and romantic or flirty and fun, make it yours. The ever-enchanting Coco Chanel once said,

"Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman."

So pick the one that defines you and work it!

Here's a few of my favorite picks for those on a budget, or just mindful of a good value. Found on Shein.com, they all personify the Easter/Spring vibe.

This one's a winner in the romance category. Pair it with a floppy straw hat and Coach purse for a complete Easter look.

Perfectly modern mini. Simple. Chic and very Chanel-esque. And the purse is a 10!

Flirty and fun, for sure. Not much to add unless you're a hip hatter. White wide brim with an oversized rose bow would work well here.

Vogue Sewing Pattern-Vintage 1950's style women's hats.

What Easter fashion ensemble is complete without the hat? Here are my top pics for Easter head-ware from Etsy.com. They range from smart 'n sleek to Bohemian chic. Creamy beige and ivory tones are predominantly popular this season, but I'm kicking things off and wrapping things up with bold black & white show-stoppers.

There's My Two Sense.

One last thought....Spring has sprung at last. Update your wardrobe and prepare for your own renewal because it's always a great time to celebrate you.

Until next time,


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